TAVO is a swift and helpful importer and vendor of spare parts for heavy-duty equipment. With our comprehensive product range and high-quality and specialised service, we help our customers to keep their wheels in motion.

From our extensive range of products, you can find spare parts, accessories and supplies for heavy-duty equipment of various vehicle brands. We know the working days of the professionals, the extreme Northern conditions and the special characteristics of different vehicle brands. We can provide you with both the genuine spare parts and parts that equal the quality of the original equipment, for example, for the following vehicle brands: Volvo, Scania, Sisu, Mercedes, MAN, Renault, Iveco, DAF, BPW, SAF, ROR and Gigant.

Over 24,000 stock items

As a Finnish family business, we know the meaning of a high-quality service. The versatility of our product range, short delivery times, competitive prices and our specialised personnel are factors that have already helped us to achieve the confidence of our customers since 1976.